The team 3 developers and 2 graphic designers...

The team is now freshly qualified for the digital design and production course at Gobelins, l'École de l'Image in Paris.

Thibault Perret
lead developer

Thibault is capable of sleeping only 3 hours a night during a whole week to finish developing a module. He then catches up on the hours of sleep by waking up at 5 pm on Saturdays. Nevertheless he always remains Zen.

Adèle Leyris
graphic designer

Adèle's nights vary between 5 hours (most of the time) or 14 hours (sometimes). She sincerely believes the morning is the worst part of the day (because she hasn’t got Oz yet).
Léna Mazilu
graphic designer

Léna has trouble falling asleep and finds it hard to wake up in the morning. She ofter goes on about her weird dreams and her colleagues just shake their heads in despair.
Jean-Michel Saulnier

Jean-Michel is a rare case: as soon as the alarme rings, he gets up on his feet, fully rested, ready to face the day. He would, however, love to have an Oz (we wonder why...).
Romain Prache

Romain talks in his sleep and counts the hours of sleep he needs before going to bed. Indeed, he is sure that if he sleeps six hours, he will be in better shape than with seven.

All through this project, we worked with partners and experts in particular domains.

  • The Vigilance and Sleep Center, represented by Maxime Elbaz and professor Damien Léger.
  • They brought us essential information concerning the physical impact of such technologie.
    Hotel-Dieu website
  • The designers of Mila Design, that imagined, drawn and created the prototype.

but also the teaching staff:

  • Technical contributers:
    • Philippe Elsass
    • Tobias Muthesius
  • Design contributers:
    • Véronique Ficara
    • Antoine Visonneau
    • Stéphane Pestourie
  • Gobelins, l’École de l’Image

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