The concept Mornings are difficult...

Short nights can make waking up the next morning hard and unpleasant, leaving you with the sensation of not having slept enough, and often accompanied by headaches, fatigue, and irritability. Always ringing too early, your alarm clock ends up symbolizing that displeasing moment when you leave the world of dreams and the warmth of your bed to confront a new day...

How can an alarm clock be transformed into an intelligent and user friendly device, there to help ease the transition between sleep and awakening?

The concept The intelligent Alarm Clock

Easy to use, interactive and connected to internet, Oz will make every day life more relaxing by helping you get through the crucial moments of getting to sleep and waking up the next morning.

Oz could ultimately be used as a sort of "sleep coach". Based on your dairy or day’s agenda and therefore the amount of sleep your body needs, it will supply you with precious guidelines on when it’s time to go to bed and when it’s time to get up.

Cycle pattern of use

The concept The device

Oz, is a device which consists of two parts: a portable 7-inch touch screen, with a solid plastic casing and a base allowing you to recharge the batteries. A built-in miniaturised computer provides superior graphic capacity and allows you to connect the device to your home WIFI. In addition to reacting to movement, it also detects the brightness of a room and responds accordingly by adapting its own light source.

A customizable alarm clock color


The concept The main functions

Maximum personalisation

With Oz you can choose the way you want to fall asleep or wake up: via music using your own playlists, radio favourites, or podcasts; via an ordinary alarm ; via a light fader simulating sunrise and sunset using the colours of your choice; via other downloadable add-ons.


Thanks to the Memo application, you can set your mind a blank by writing down reminders without having to leave your bed. In this way, you can keep a trace of your latest intriguing dream or a great idea you might have had during the night.


If you can't sleep, Oz will suggest relaxation applications, such as soothing games that avoid over arousing the brain (unlike TV) and permits a gradual descent into sleep.

Additional applications

The possibility of adding other applications enable futher personnalisation. Here are a few examples:

  • Trafic - to know what the traffic is like and organise yourself accordingly.
  • Horoscope - to know what astrology holds in store for you.
  • Gymnastics -to wake up in shape
  • Quote (or proverb) - to start the day with a touch of wisdom.

All of the applications you will need to make the rituals of waking up and going to bed the quality sleep-experience, so often neglected but so very necessary to your well being.

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